Surnames you will find in these pages
  Allexander   Anderson   Arnott   Atterbury   Barata    Bannon   Berg Bloxham   Brerton  Bryce  Carter   Chapman   Christie   Chruma   Clark   Coulter Covyeau   Cox  Dezall  Diaper  Dusterhoft   Edwards Fachnie   Feaster   Fitzgerald Gagliano   Goldsmith   Gulley   Hawkins   Hicks   Hickman  Hunnicutt   Jackson  Jacobson Johnston   Jones  Kaercher  Kenny   Kidd  Kirby   Krebsbach  Lilard   MacGregor   Madison   Mayo   McArthur   McDonald   McLean   McMurry   Mcquarry  Mendelke  Newman   Ottinger   Paradise   Pegg   Peplow  Prather   Rasmussen   Richardson Ross   Schooler   Shaw   Shipley   Slater   Smith   Snell   Spiller   Squires   Stedhan   Stoner  Switzer   Tattoo   Taylor   Thorpe  Trost   Tuskind   VanOrsdale  Waters   Walder   Wallace   Webster    Weeks   Wenlund   Woelfel   Woodward   Yost 

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         To My Dad
John "Jack" E. Taylor
       To my Mom
Margaret L. Dazell Taylor
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The Taylor's

 "Consequitur quodcunque petit"
    He obtains whatever he seeks
The William Dazell Clan 
"I Dare"
These pages are dedicated to: 

The  "Taylor's" 
of Montana, Missouri, Virginia, Kentucky, all points east & west, 

The "William Dazell" Clan 
  of Belfast, Nova Scotia, Quebec, North Dakota, and Montana

Very Special mention to 
Pierre Taylor for the Taylor side and 
Florence L (Dazell) Mendelke, and my dear grandma Clara Dazell for the Dazell side