Oct 4 1835-June 21 1897
  Edmund married Rachel Catherine Stoner on April 12 1857. He was 21 years 6 months old. His bride was slightly older as she was born February 26,1835.  They had 11 children six boys and five girls.  Edmund apparently worked hard and attained some success as he was able to give each of 5 sons 80 acres as wedding presents, (Eugene had died young), aong with 40 acres to each daughter. A combined total of some 600 acres.
  Edmund and Rachel spent their entire married life in Trail Creek Township of Harrison County Missouri, near the town of Mount Moriah.  Edmund was killed during a storm on June 21,1897 by lightning while leading a horse to the barn.
  Rachel later married John S. Wright. (There were no children born of this union.) Rachel died at Mt Moriah on Dec 22 1928. She and Edmund along with many Stoners and Taylors are buried in the Loyd Cemetary which is near Mt Moriah.
As recorded by Pierre Taylor
Feb 26 1835-Dec 22 1928
Lloyd Cemetery, also known as the Stoner Cemetery, is located one mile north of Mt Moriah in Trail Creek Township. From Mt Moriah, go north on Route B approximately one mile to the first gravel road to the left (west). Go west approximately 1/2 mile. The cemetery is on the left (south) side of the road. It is still in use and very well maintained. A sign over the gave states that it was incorporated in 1870.
This survey was conducted by Phil & Kathi Stewart on Mar 19, 2003.
you will find
Edmund and Rachel
Lincoln Halleck and his son Floyd
Lincoln's wife Kate
Margaret Elizabeth (Wright)
George L and susan his Wife
Edmund the son of George Levi
and Audra
     Malinda Alexander who may be Edmunds Sister
George Levis son Elmer and his wife Agnes

his tombstone says he died when he was 61yrs 8m &17 days old                     ( the math makes his bday 1836)
Another note most families are congregated in the same cemetaries.  The Mount Mariah Cemetary has only 4 Taylors listed and no Stoners.
Also the
My grt grt Grandmother Rachel and second husband John S Wright