After a lot of  searching to make some connections to  history,  with the history presented by the Taylor's  Pierre,  & Burke and others.  It has been smack dab in the front of my face.  Although still slim as of this date 10-10-07, the possibilities are there.  As I scoured page after page of web based content I continued to go back to This small county in Kentucky Called Garrard
Of course the obvious is that Edmund my grt grt grt grt grandad married Mary Squires in 1815 it may have been any of the small towns possibly the county seat of Lancaster or it may have been in Boonesbourough (The web guys Guess)
The link below is to the  French Tipton List of Boonesborough Pioneers of the late 1700s  and you will note in that list not only a Nancy Taylor but also an Edmund, John, William, Richard and Peter Taylor.  The second Link is to the boonesborough foundation site. Look for the Early settlers button.  Of course this is as yet speculation on the web guys part but to have come so close to the story my family has told me for so many years is exciting.
Boonesborough is in madison county which is next to garrard county the link above is google maps just zoom in with yer mouse button
Things we (I) forget.
  Im not sure if other family tree travelers got lost in the modern day and forget  where they are in history and what is going on but here are the tidbits I forgot.

In the year 1815 there were only 18 states
Indiana came in 1817
Kentucky was only 23 years old
the first state
Delaware in 1778  was eleven years after the Revolution
When Edmund and Mary were married
the U.S. was only 39
James Madison was the President
George Clinton was the V.P.
Meriwether and William had only been back 9 years
       Napolean surrenders rule of Paris France
The war of 1812 ends with the battle of New Orleans
(and nobody knew)
       Beethoven was still alive!

Also never never never think that the names on the marriage certificates are the brothers, they may be fathers.