Dec 29 1909-
Rachel Jean married Hilton D. King May 26 1973
there  were no children from this union.
You may not believe this but in the year 1909.Top Songs for 1909
That's a Plenty by Henry Creamer               Casey Jones   by T.L. Seibert     
My Southern Rose by Earl Taylor                Yip-I-Addy-I-Ay! by Will D. Cobb    
A Birthday by Christina Rossetti                  For You Alone by P.J. O'Reilly     
My Hero by Stanislaus Stange                     The Garden of Roses by J.E. Dempsey     
The president was   W.H.Taft
1909 Prices
Bread:  $0.05/loaf
Milk:  $0.33/gal
Car:  $500 
House:  $4,500   
Stamp:  $0.02/ea   
Avg Income:  $944/yr