August 10 1907-April 16 1986
John Lamar married Marie Jura July 18 1929 and had 4 children Thelma, Terry, John, William. They lived and ranched 30 some miles from Wolf Point Montana. John loved the spotted Nez Perce Ponies.
Great Aunt Julene sent this little story of John L
Aunt Julene.

For the last 20 years of his life John and I spent a lot of time together which is somewhat of a chore considering that we lived 400 miles apart.  He would come to Bozeman to a horse show or to bring us colts which we would winter for him and I would go to Wolf Point for the same reasons or just to go. One time when I was up there he said we would go up to Canada and check on some mares which he at leased to a man.  After we got there we had to look at all of his horses plus another hundred or so, have lunch, lean on the front of the truck and talk.  During that time John settled most of the problems of Canada and many of mankind in general.  John was good at this and took up a lot of the afternoon so I reminded him that we had to go back across the line before the port closed.  He said not to worry he knew a back road that would take us around the port of entry.  He always insisted that I drive in order that he could concentrate on correcting me.  I pointed out that we needed to buy some gasoline and he said not to worry there was a town ahead if I would just drive faster.  I was driving his new pickup on an unfamiliar two Lane Road with out lines or markers.  Just as he said, we got to a little town and the gas station was closed but across the street was a bar/café which was open so we went over their and told the bartender our problem, we needed gas.  He handed us a key to the station, told us how to turn on the electricity, and that we should get gas ,lock up the station and bring the key back to him when we paid him.  As we drove down the road with John insisting that I drive faster and me suggesting that he drive if he didn't like the way I was doing it and him saying that I drove like an old woman and me claiming that only a silly old man would want to drive over 60 on a narrow road in the dark.  About that time I caught a glimpse of something in the corner of the passenger side windshield accompanied by a large, loud thump as something hit the passenger side of the truck.  I stopped, we went back and threw a dead dear into the ditch, looked at the door of the pickup ,with its large dent, and neither of us said a word   We got back in the truck in complete silence for the next ten miles or so when John said "if you had driven faster when I told you to we would have been passed that deer by now".
   this was an example of typical John logic, difficult to refute.  I told him one time that he was only rarely right to which he responded that that may be true but that he was never wrong.

because I never learned to type having always had a secretary I dictate into a machine attached to the computer.  The machine has trouble differentiating between words such as to,two,too and some other words such as their and there, and is not the best at punctuation.  Like John, it may not be correct that it's never wrong.

Love you