Rachel  Stoner Taylor
Oct 4 1835-June 21 1897
Feb 26 1835-Dec 22 1928
GENERATION II: JACOB STONER, born October 8, 1791, died December 29, 1855 in West Lebanon, Indiana, while family was migrating to Missouri. ??????? on February 1, 1884 in Harrison county Missouri. Buried in the Stoner or Lloyd cemetery north of Mt. Moriah, Mo. According to Vilas Young, children who came to Missouri, and some of their grandchildren include:

a.     Hezekiah Stoner: 1819-1890; married Rebecca Mossburg, Children: Sarah (Henry Alexander): George Wilson; Caleb; Jacob; and Moses Palen an adopted son.

b.     Levi Harrison: (1821-1853); married Christina (Tina) Lambert her 2nd was a Merrifield. Children: Charles William; Elizabeth (Henry Melton); John C.; and Joseph.

c.     Jerusha: Aug. 29, 1824 – March 11, 1907; married Frederick Young. Children: John J.; Nancy; Caleb Levi; Jonathan W.; Christina (Washington Reeder); and Annie (Richard E. Johnson).

d.     Sarah Ann: (April 1,1830 – June 22, 1913); married 1st William (Jake) Steiner. Children: Nimrod; Caleb; Margaret; Andrew; Levi; Rachel; Eliza Jane; Samuel; William; James; Mary; Joseph; and Harve. 2nd Jacob Roop; no children. Stepchildren: Charlie and Del Roop.

e.       Jonathan J.: (August 11, 1832 – Dec. 10, 1910). Married Margaret Goodin. Children: Porter; Lettie (Charles Leazenby); Samantha; and Hershel.

f.       Rachel Catherine: (1835 – Dec. 22, 1928). Married Edmund Taylor 1st; Children: Margaret, (Sylvester Wright); George; Lincoln; John; Alice (Stanton Ross); Lillie (Samuel Clark); May (A. T. Snelling); William; Mildred (Manlove Wier); and Charles. 2nd John S. Wright; no children.

g.     Thomas Jordan: married Nancy Flood; Children: Mary; Nancy; William; Thomas Jr.; and Jerusha (James Mabe).

h.     Isaiah Spencer: (1841); married Louisa Jacobs; Children: Almeda (Rutus Walton); Artemas; Lucien; Robert; Clifford; and Ursula (William Allman).

i.       Augustin Washington: See GENERATION III.

j.       Caleb John: born 1828.