The Taylor's

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A great Proverbian named Solomon said "A  good name is to be chosen rather than abundant riches"
  This branch of the tree called Taylor has a very long history, suffice it to say for those of us in this late year of 2008, whether we be related to Presidents, or Pioneers, Kings or Cons.  We today find ourselves to be proud of who we are and as we are.
                                Who are we?
We are Physicians,and Philosophers.Farmers,Family men and women. Teachers, Teasers, and Talkers. Soldiers, and Sailors. We love Cats and Cows. Horses, and Hounds from of the Pound .
                                   and People.
The Taylors
Of  Carlisle England, 
Tidewater of Virginia the new land,
Missouri & beyond.

This narrative given was compiled by Pierre Taylor of Wolf Point, and Bozeman Montana.  Edited only for spelling, and or clarity.
Thank you Pierre

Among the English gentry who established homes in Tidewater Virginia was James Taylor  Born in 1635, in Carlisle, England.  James settled in that part of Virginia that became Caroline County in 1650.  He married Frances Walker.  They had three (note 5 are recorded here the first James died in infancy, with no dates for Martha) children James, Jane, and Sarah.  After Frances death in 1680, James married Mary Gregory the daughter of   Mildred Washington Gregory the generals aunt and godmother on August 12 1682.  Mary’s brothers were Richard and John Gregory.
  James and Mary had six children, the twins Ann and Elizabeth in 1684.  Mary   in 1686 who died in infancy.   Little Mary in 1688 who married Henry Pendleton in 1703  Edmund born in 1690 (the first appearance of the name Edmund in this family).  John who married Catherine Pendleton (who also had a brother named Edmund born in 1696, their son was John Taylor of Caroline, who became a strong force in early Virginia history. 
  The younger James Taylor II was born march 14 1674 at Hare Forest his parents home.  He died june 23 1729 and is buried at Greenfield Virginia, which was at that time Orange county, but is now Nelson County.  This James went on to become a colonel in the colonial militia, a member of the house of burgesses. The younger James built the plantation and home called Bloomsbury in Orange county, now on the national historic records.  It was situated about two miles from the Orange county courthouse.  Colenel Taylor became the surveyor General of Virginia, and accompanied Governor Spottswood on the trip over the blue ridge mountains.  James II held some 10,000 acres in Orange county and was quite active in its early development.
On February 23 1699 he married Martha Thompson, the daughter of  colonel William Thompson, of the royal navy and grandaughter of Sir Roger Thompson of England.  James and Martha had nine children.  The also have distinction in generating  two United States presidents,  the great grandsons James Madison and Zachary Taylor.

Dear friends and family you will find many dates only to be close. History has not only faded but fogged the compexity of the family tree.  I will try as best I can to correct the current document with best known dates.  Thank you internet.  I am sure our story wont be any less inspiring if the days arent divided into the minutes.   I  have added many web sites to the body of our site and its history, I regret I cannot make changes to other pages (and I will stay true to Pierre's narative which I would like to add has been substantiated by further digging thank you internet) but the reading is and has been great.                                                                                
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The Children of James and Martha Taylor
Zachary 1703-1826
Married Elizabeth Lee  ( 10 children)
        Married:    1)Rachel Gibson  2)Sarah Talifero Conway
     Married:  Jane Moore
  Married:  Ambrose Madison  (James MadisonsGrandparents)
  Married:  Thomas Chew (11children)
Married:  Mr Wilde
  Married:  Mr Battaile
  Married:  Mr Thomas
Married:  1) Alice Thornton.  2) McGrath 3)Gregory

James II mother and Father