The Family Tree
Edmond Taylor
m Mary Squires
1)John Taylor
      m Rachel Gulley
1)Thomas (died young)Ky
2)Branson 1828 Ky
m Eliza ??
3)Nancy 1831 Ky
m Thomas Richardson
4)Malinda 1833 Ky
m Fred Alexander
5)Edmund 1835 ind
m Rachel Stoner

6)James (died young) Ind
7)William 1838 Ind
8)Adeline 1839 ind
m Velencourt VanOrsdale
9)Elizabeth 1843 Ind
m Mr Feaster
10)George 1848 ind

2)Jane Taylor (Married George)
3)George Squires(Mariied Jane)

Edmond married Mary Squires a widow on August 16 1815 in Garrard county, Kentucky, the court records, show. Marriage License Box 4 return made by Joe Pond Minister. The original bond was signed by Edmund Taylor and Dudley Taylor. It was attested to by William Jennings.
  Also of note we find with this a note writtenin course hand writing
"Garrard County, May 16 1815: Sir please to ishew a mirage lison to edmon taylor for myself and oblige me"
this was signed Mary Squires.  Test: Dudley Taylor
and Sibillian Sloan. Sibillian Sloan was Mary's sister. Her husband Daniel Sloan went as a substitute in the army in 1812 for wm Wheeler and was killed May 5 1813 at Dudleys defeat. (2 war of 1812(Also Techumsah) Wheeler had given him 100 acres of land.  Sybillian leased this land to sdudley Taylor for 11 years for $100.00
John Taylor Married Rachel Gulley in Jessamine County Kentucky the license and bond are dated June 2 1823 with the witnesses being
Major ( Nathan )Taylor and Mel Gulley
We find many Taylors in and around Garrard county. They show up in land deeds marriages and other legal documents. Forest Callico the local historian states:
Believe  Dudley, Major (not a title but a name)  Larkin (girl), and Zachariah are all brothers and sisters..( you will find William, John, Frances, Hubard, Henry, Joseph, William T on these tax records)
you will note that some confusion will set in having two Edmunds and two Rachels so close in history.
Edmond must have been married prior to Mary Squires His son John would have been 8 years old if born of the union of 1815