Zane Lamar Taylor
                               by zane taylor

    He came upon that mountain pass
on a horse with no class
    The air was high and awful thin
it made that horse wanna spin
    Hebucked up high and threw a fit
made that cowboy wanna spit
    Pulled his hat tight on his head
wanting to throw some lead
    That danged ole horse was rank and mean
good thing this cowboys lean
    Up they went and down he came
nuthin was still the same
    He hit the ground with a thud
right into a mire of mud
    Got up fast and wiped his duds
that horses mouth was full of suds
    Danged ole horse ur outa luck
just because you had ta buck
    The cowboy was full or wrath
he started to walk down the path
    I left that horse upon the pass
walkin through that tall ole grass
    Hit the ranch bout day light
told them all about my plight
   Danged ole horse upon that pass
will never kick my sorry ass
                     OLE # 8

I drew a bull, they say is tuff
    with the name of Powder Puff
i was ready,and with a shout
    I said boys, let er out
he blew on out,in a spin
    i rode that bull with a grin
i knew my score, would be the top
    but that bull had ta stop
he laid upon that dusty ground
     in the crowd was no sound
i took a gulp, lost my pride
    till i heard the words reride!!