William Dazell
William Dazell married on ??-???? Elizabeth ?
They moved from Belfast Ireland to Canada in 1817, as most can be learned they came to Nova Scotia and later moved along westward into Ontario up the St Lawrence River.  At this point the last name is my families traditional spelling.  As most Genohistorians can attest and if not all but most Dayells can attest that this name is as diverse, as are the people who hold it dear.  This surname has been and can be spelled Dazell, Dezall, Dozell, Dalzell, Dazelle.
The kids are:
Samuel Dazell (born at sea) 1817 d 1899
m: 1845 Anne Taylor (born in Lake Beuport Ont 1828- d6-23-1883 Dundalk
William Dezall (note name change)
m: Sarah McDonald
John Dazell/Dezall
m: Mary Kennal
Annie Dezall
m: Frank Arnott
Mary Anne Dazell
m: Wm.Bassett McDonald
Maggie Dazell Perished 1863
while working taking articles off store shelf one fell                                            struck her on the head she never recovered
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