William Dazell
7-6-1858 - 4-3-1934
Wm Dazell moved to upper Canada in 1865, then in 1879 traveled to the Dakota Territories.  He arrived in Pembina and enlisted in the United States Army on June 19 1879 at Fort Custer. He married Mary Devlin November 2 1880. He was honorably discharged June 19 1884 also at Fort Custer  He moved to Drayton N.D. with Mary in that year.  Wm is buried at Drayton N.D.

Mary Devlins parents were James Devlin and Ruth Knight 
William and Mary's children were:

1)   Anne Jane Dazell

2)   Maggie Mildred Dazell

3)   Elizabeth Gertrude Dazell

4)   Alice Ethel Dazell

5)   Samuel Dazell

6)   John E Dazell

7)   James Russel Dazell

8)   William Dazell Jr

9)   Florence Louella Dazell

10)  Albert Edward Dazell

11)  Robert E  Dazell
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