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This was an enterprising family, and we can relate some history pertaining to this branch.  Hancock Taylor was a surveyor, and traveled west with his brother Richard and others in 1769.  He was one of the first americans to descend the Ohio river, down into New Orleans and then return by ship to Virginia.  He moved to Kentucky in 1773 and made the first Kentucky land surveys for a Mr McAfee, near Frankfort in July of 1773.  In 1774 while surveying land near the mouth of the Kentucky river he was shot by an indian. On the retreat to safety Gibson Taylor and Abram Haptonstall tried to remove the bullet but failed.  The warning went out about the uprising to Daniel Boone who also attempted a rescue effort for the surveyors, but Hancock died  near Richmond and was buried on a fork of the Silver creek later named Taylor's Fork after him.
  The american encyclopedia mentions the above, in regards Boone who was assigned by Gov Dunmore along with Michael Stoner ( not sure if related to our Rachel) yet) to attempt a rescue of Surveyors. They went into the wilderness and retrieved all but one.
As we move along in history we find the break.  These above notes and extras show the broad background of the Taylor name
  Our Immediate known ancestor is Edmund Taylor born in Virginia in 1770. As of this date we have not been able to establish his parents.
But believe them to be John Taylor
and Rachel Gulley, married in Jessamine county Kentucky
Also edmund was married previously and as of yet we have not been able to find her name. we have found some 20 Edmund Taylor's pertaining to this time and area.