John Edwin "Jack" Taylor
         8-16-1933-- 1-10-2010
      Jack was married to
  Margarette Louise Dazell  

They were still singing along with Mitch. Gigi and the Music man were tops along with South Pacific.  Plus Tchaikovsky was still making it big with the number 5, isnt that weird.
Jack has shared his fathers and his fathers fathers love of the horse, and carried a fine tradition into the 21 century, raising the Appaloosa horse, for show sale and fun. And If I may say so his oldest son is quite proud of him.
Where in the world             is Jack
Then the lady said to the bar tender
Jack has now remarried. A lovely Lady named Barbara
who shares his love of Horses and puppies of course
How Wolf Point looked when Jack was catchin footballs
Owen,Jack,John L, Grt Gram Essie
To Dad:

The heaviest of  burdens encompasses my heart at this very moment, and mere words cannot express the great love I have for you, the distance in  miles between us magnifies not only this love but my sorrow also.  Perhaps letters to fathers penned by Keats, Thoreau, or Shakespeare might have been more eloquent, but none more sincere .  I cannot express how proud I am to be your son, had it not been for you, I would not have been me.  Your lifetime expressions of joy,  are the marrow of my bones, the quick wit and "hi-jack" the blood in my veins, your strength in manner and courage in life, my very joints. your tolerance of others the essence of my skin.   Is it generations of strong and good people. No I say. Its the balance of both good and bad you gave me, the way to walk as a boy,  and then as a man you handed to me.  Never asking back, nor expecting a return, you kept me close.  Even as the miles between us stretched you have been with me.  And yet this very distance begged my heart to yearn for you voice, to hear the  irish in it, to taste the tap with you. How can mere words convey who I am without expressing who you are. I can say I am proud because I can see you as I look in the mirror and smile, when I walk, I walk your walk, when I laugh I laugh your laugh, I cannot have been me if you had not been you.  Many may not understand how this could have been, but you are with me, at every turn, I have only to gesture to the left or to the right and you are with me, this makes me glad.  My grief overwhelms me when I think of what you gave for me, how did you know to give me freedom to choose. this very thing  carries me through life, how did  it become written in your heart to let me try, try to be this or that, try to be one thing or the other, and now I am who I am, how might I ever repay these things.  I know other sons may say these very words, but they can never say they are "Jack"s Son".  These few things also give me sorrow, had I told you all this enough? I am sure not.  My absence from your side squeezes my very heart, my only regret is that I could not have spoken these words to you, whispered them to you.  I love you Dad. 

Owen told me that you aren't feeling so hot so I wanted to write and say hello.  I have so enjoyed the website that Owen has made for you - getting to know more about the family.  You have a great son there!  I think he's probably a lot like you.  I do know he is proud of you and the Taylor name.

I am in Billings at the moment training for a new position.  I am going to be a Transportation Security Officer for the Lewistown Airport.  I am very excited about it.  I even get a badge, which I'm sure sounds like someone messed up!  Ha ha!

Well, I will chat with you more later.  You take care and know that I do care about you.

Tracie Aguilar
Dear Jack and Barbara,

I am so glad to finally have your email address! This is Karin of JD and Karin (Bill's son and daughter-in-law) and Cindy Lou is living with us too.

We are all well. JD and I became grandparents for the first time last month...Twice. Our girls were evidently in a race. Cayl (little Boots as we call her) had a baby boy (James Joseph) on 11/6 and Meredith (who is little Karin) had her baby girl (Madolyn Lisette) on 11/11. It was a hectic week for all of us! Got to see both of the little darlings be born which is a thrill and a half! Moms and babies are healthy and hardy! We all have to be up here in Cut Bank.

Remember when you lived in Cut Bank Jack? It's still windier than all get out and gets cold, and we still get snow in June! There are days I wonder "Why are we in this place?" But the chinook comes through and then it makes sense, or we get that cool breeze in the evening after a 90 degree day and it makes sense then too.

I will write again soon. We will get together some more photos to send you!

I am really sorry to hear about this illness you have Jack. My mind just stops at the word "Crap" and doesn't want to accept anything else. I am so sorry!

Thank you Barb for letting Owen know and thank you Owen for spreading the word.


"The secret of health for both mind and body is not to mourn for the past, nor to worry about the future, but to live the present moment wisely and earnestly." Buddha

Owen - thinking of you all.  thank you for the updates.  I am so glad that you are able to be with your Dad. I am thinking of you all and keeping you all in my prayers and thoughts.  Monique
Dear Jack

Just dropping in to let you know that I am thinking of you and hoping that you are resting comfortably.  Owen has been in touch with me to update me to let me know that you haven't been feeling well.   I wish I was closer so that I could come and visit you.

I think of you often and remember all of the good times I had whenever I stayed with you and Margaret when I was growing up.  You introduced me to the rodeo world that I so enjoyed.  I loved watching you ride "Hank" in your bulldogging days.  It was always so much fun for me.   I so enjoyed your sense of humor and the fun you had with the boys growing up.  Hard to believe all of these years have passed and all of the life that has passed before us.  Your sense of humor and what a good Dad you were are some of my fondest memories.   My Mom and Dad always loved having you come visit.  I think you sort of reminded my Dad of himself in his younger days.

I just got back from Glasgow.  I went to see my Mom for ten days.  The weather was horrible while I was there - I think the high temperature was 0.   Several nights were 20 plus below zero.  But then you know how cold it can get up there.   Having been away from that cold for so long now sometimes makes me forget how it was growing up in that country.   My Mom is doing pretty well physically.  She gets around good and is healthy.  However, the dimentia is progressing and she doesn't remember a whole lot.   But it is always good to see her and spend time with her.  She gets such good care at the Nursing Home in Glasgow.  It is really a very nice place.    She will be 97 on her next birthday.   Wow !!!

Mary is doing fine.  Her girls are all over the country.  2 in California, 2 in Montana, 1 in Virginia and 1 in Wyoming.  She has 27 grandchildren.  Her oldest grandson was ordained as a Catholic priest last year.  Another grandson graduated from West Point last year and is a 1st leutenant stationed in Afghanistan.  A granddaughter is in a convent and will be a Nun.   So they are all growing up, and moving on with their lives.

Jack, my thoughts are with you and I am hoping that you are comfortable at home.  I will stay in touch and think of you every day.

Take care

I love you - Diana

I sure am so sorry to hear about your dad.  How awful for you to not be able to be with him at this moment.  I hope your travel plans work out very soon. And I hope you were able to make contact with Zane.

You know, I really don't have a lot of memories of Uncle Jack!  I was pretty litte, but what I do remember is that he was warm, kind and funny, and that I liked to be around him. 

We will put him into our daily prayers for ease of his pain and suffering , and for all of you to hold strong.  Though we know there is a better place waiting for us, it is still difficult to let go, and grief is a very real thing.

I will be thinking of you, Owen.  Much love.  Colette
Dear Owen (and Barbara)
My thoughts are with you so often throughout the day.  Your emails remind me so much of when I sat with Mom (Gram Marie)  Sometimes she would be "present" and other times, I felt like I was all by myself.  But I so needed to be there with her and to experience that, giving back to her some of what she gave me over the years.  Does Barbara have someone to spell her when you learve?
We are enjoying the 9 above warmth of today by sitting and watching Vikings football on TV.  Now that Brett is playing for Minnesota we cheer for him.  We also watch the Packers, but not with the same enthusiasm.
Our grandson Elliot spent the night with us New Year's Eve so we had a late night without even going out.  At least he didn't have the drum set that he got for Christmas with him that night.  He called today to see if he could come out here again  because he's "so boring" at home.  We'll have him another day next week.
Take care.  Love you all.

Hey owen sorry to taken so long to let you know we are thinking about you and got you in our prayers. so much going on that sometimes get way laid from the very important things like letting family know how much you do care!!! Hang in there, we are very proud of what you are doing to care for your dad. Many would have not even gone there, so keep up the good work and you know you will be blessed if not now definetly in the new systeme. love ya ot rod and toni

Stuff Jack wrote
                      CANADIAN GIRL

Lois how in the world are you
I know there are thngs you want to do

75 years and still so bright
you cant get it done over night

There is still time to do it all
Just do it- dont wait for a call

Think back on the things that are done and over
It sure was an easy run through the clover

I know there are times we like to cry and moan
Thats when we have to remember we are never alone

Not only Brothers can be the All Around
Sisters can be too- its been found

Rideing the Paints with all the tricks in the bag
The statue of liberty and the cossack Drag

Raceing the barrles they look kind of tinnish
But the win is what you want at the finnish

Driveing Old Corny with two horses in back
Left little room for your cloths and tack

Around Canada and the northern States
While the work back home just sits and waits

Some times so tired at night
A shot of sloe gin and the morning is bright


                J ED WIN       8-20-2007

My brother Bill is an auctioneer
He calls his numbers so you can hear
Every one says hes good at that
You knew where the bid was -no matter where you sat

My two sons and I were the ringmen-We were great
The two boys always knew what was next on the slate
Owen held up a little silk dress
It was real pretty with ribbons on it- oh yes

I say when a girl puts this on she'll feel alive
yup Bill go's 2&1/2 now 5
No-no I say we havent started yet- I'll tell you when
Yes sir Bill go's 7&1/2 now ten

No- I said this is one of the best we've seen
Good- good Bill go's12&1/2 and 15
Oh no we havent started yet and you think we have plenty
Wow Bill go's thats good 17&1/2 now twenty

Well now i think this dress is real sporty
Bill go's 25 now 30 hey he says he has forty
Wait up I think this dress is very nifty
Good good 42&1/2-45-47&1/2 ok now he has fifty

He sold it- I held up my card-what a mess
That you Bill says I didn't know you wanted that dress
                                                          J ED WIN
One day I sat apon a hill so high
A flash of bright light went by
I was blinded for a second I don't know why
I heard what sounded like a long soft sigh

When I could see again, before me a image stood
The light behind it so  bright, I couldn't see it good
As the light dimmed, I could see him I knew I would
Now I see him clear, it's a HALO he wears not a hood

He has a scepter of yew in his grip
Not a fork of two tines with metal tip
He stands before me,a wonderful smile on his lip
Not akimbo with his hand on the hip

He looked like he came from old BABYLON to me
Flowing silver hair and robes of pure white, for all to see
He brought for all, not only me a beautiful short decree
That we all should live by the COMANDENTS completly

Its not as if the sun only came  up on this day
It shines very day the rays to be seen a long way
We can not stop or change that come what may
What ever happens most of us with him will stay

                                                          J ED WINN
Fire ants got on my sandled feet
I'm telling you it caused some heat
They got pimpled up and didn't look so neat
As it turned out I had to work from upon my seat

They got all pusy and turned all yellow
They looked kind of like Lemon Jello
And I was far from being mellow
I couldn't even greet any one with Hello
                                              J ED WINN
A Week In January

The Blizzard raged it was three days old
My gosh how could it stay so cold
And those mangy Coyotes are getting bold
They're trying to steal our calves-- our gold

The snow is getting very deep
The banks are getting mighty steep
To the barn and back we'd have to creep
Some of the time there--we'd have to sleep

I tell you sleeping in the barn--had no charm
Even though the animals heat keeps it warm
The calves keep coming but-- we have them away from harm
I'll sure be glad when it's time --for the Bees to swarm

The wind dis down and the sun comes out
That makes every one jump up and shout
It makes you wonder what it's all about
Now for the rest of the animals--I have to scout

Old Jake is in the barn and ready to ride
The snow is deep the going slow--our speed we'll have to bide
The groung is covered and brilliant white every where outside
Below our hat brim our eyes we'll have to hide

Picking our going here and there
Don't see any horses any where
They are here in the cut--the ground is bare
The grass is green--so with the cows they share

I can see there is no place to roam
They are better here than in the snow at home
Even though all around it looks like Nome
And thats the end of this sorry pome

                                                     J Ed Win
Just a dream

Last night as I slept I could feel
It was a dream but felt so real
When I was a young Man-Before I passed the test
I had an Appy pony--I swore he was the best
I got on him every morning
Rode the hills and plains as in the old west

Rideing behind two thousand cows-- quite a bevy
Chocking on the dust--- so thick and heavy
High and wide- and dark as could be
Reaching as far as the eye could see

Chase them north-cross all the rivers
Fight of the natives- with arrows in the quivers
Yes Apache,Ute, Camanche and souix
Also Rattlesnakes,Wolves and a Bear or two

Yes we had a horse roundup on the Rez
The bigest up north everyone sez
From Porcupine to the North Dakota line
The Canadian Border to the Missouri thats fine

Early Spring and cold enough to make you shiver
Especialy when you fall into a frozen river
Was life as hard as it did seem
Or was it only a day dream

J Ed Win

All I will need when i"m called to go
Is a box of cigars and a jug of V O

I won't need a credit card or an ATM number
As i'm going to get lots of slumber

If I go down below there can be only one real cure
I'll need the smokes and wiskey for peer preasure

If I go above into the wild blue
It will take a small shot and a Panatela to get me through

The game is already going I knew it would be
One seat open they saved it for me

As I near the table I take out the jug
I hand it over to  cousin Doug

He passes it around for each a sip
They all take one and smack their lip

I give the box to Dad he opens it with a little shout
Takes one himself and passes them out

Some take one and fire it up
Sit right here now your the Pup

Reid, Neil, Boyd, Charles, Cousin Doug, Brother Bill and DAD
some how I feel like I've been had

Uncles Pierre and Stewert Dewar are the umps
If any one does wrong he will get some lumps

As we gather around the big Poker table in the sky
No one needs to question why

Eveery thing seems so much newer
We know there will be more but never fewer

                                                     J ED WIN
Papa Jack,

My dear grandfather I am sad today. I found out that you had passed away. I am thankful that you have moved on to a better place and that you are no longer in any pain. What saddens me is that I did not get to know you. The memories that I have of you are so vivid in my mind and I hoped to one day be able to meet you again and start new memories with you. I wrote you a letter yesterday and I sent it today not knowing you would never recieve it. I know that where you are right now you know my heart and you know me. I hope that you know how much I loved you even though I wasn't there. I wanted to be but circumstances would not let me. You seemed like you were a loved man and a great man and I don't doubt you were for a minute. My heart goes out to Barbara, my uncle Owen and my Dad Zane and anyone who loved you.

Love your granddaughter,